3M N95 Respiratory Face Mask
3M N95 Respiratory Face Mask
3M N95 Respiratory Face Mask

3M N95 Respiratory Face Mask

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Product name: 3M 9010CN Particle respirator (head-mounted)

Material: electrostatic filter cotton

Protection level: KN95 (filtering efficiency > 95%)

Product certification: China GB2626-2006 KN95

Specification packing: 1 piece/bag

Description: small respiratory resistance, comfortable to wear, used for respiratory protection of some non-oily particles, filtration efficiency is not less than 95%


Scope of application: it can be used to protect some non-oily particles, with filtering effect greater than 95%, and to protect the dust generated in construction, mining, casting, wood processing, electronics, pharmacy, material treatment and other operations


1. Every time you wear a dust mask, you should check the tightness of wearing immediately to ensure that the mask is properly worn

2. Wash hands each time before wearing the mask and each time when removing the mask. When exposed to the polluted environment, wear the mask directly

3. Replace the mask when you feel increased respiratory resistance or when the mask is damaged

4. The mask should not be washed. Washing will damage the filter structure, cause penetration, and damage the filtration performance of electrostatic filter

5. Masks should be stored in a clean environment to avoid damage, dirt, dust exposure, direct sunlight, high temperature and harmful chemical pollution, etc. Masks should also be kept out of shape when stored. Masks should not be microwave disinfected or cleaned